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Winning The War On Weeds!

We Provide A Professional Quality Service 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week At A Professional Rate!Many homeowners are in a desperate search of quality weed removal. We all know how frustrating it is to have weeds running uncontrollably through your perfect lawn, landscape, and garden. Your satisfaction is our priority! The Weed Solution is a service provider in San Jose, CA and the surrounding 50-mile area that has years of professional experience in yard cleanup services. We believe that we have the right solution for all your lawn issues and we are proud to be the first choice for many return customers. We work 7 days a week and there is simply no job we cannot handle!

See below a list of The Weed Solution’s services:

Weed control services and weed solutions
Lawn maintenance and yard clearing
Weed abatement and chemical weed control
– One-time cleanups and scheduled services
Lot clearing and property line


What are the benefits of professional weed services

– A well-established and weed-free lawn can add lasting value to your property.

– Licensed applicators provide high-grade, state-regulated products that homeowners and most gardeners simply do not have access to.

– The proper application of these products and sophisticated knowledge of weed life cycles are extremely important when attempting to control weeds.


How we can help

– We specialize in cost-efficient weed clearing and monitoring and we track progress.

– The weeding and mowing methods we use depend on the lawn’s peculiarities and we offer a customized approach to each property and client.

– We use only the best products on the market and we know exactly how and when to kill your weeds.

– We pay detailed attention to the specifics of every lawn we service and we will invest the time necessary to maintain it properly that you cannot invest yourself.

Professionalism is what we strongly believe in. We also believe that you should get maximum value for your money, and this is exactly what will happen when you use our services in San Jose, CA. If you have any questions, please give us a call and leave the rest to the professionals in our team!


Robert was quick on time and very informative. I loved his easy going personality He keeps things easy and no hassle free and if he can't do it he finds someone who can! I will contribute to use The Weed Solution yearly quarterly now and for and future projects and will surely refer them to all me friends. Thanks again Robert..AlwaysD.G

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