The Weed Solution is a licensed weed control service company working in San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas. We have been operating for over 2 years and have extensive experience in this field of expertise. We are thoroughly trained in weed biology, chemical control, and effective weed clearing, our mission is to help you win the war on weeds! We always ensure that our clients receive top of the line products that will provide the desired results.


Here is what makes us stand out from our competition:

house with garden

– We offer emergency services and we are available 24/7!

– We service residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial customers.

– We provide regularly scheduled and quarterly services.

– We provide free consultations and on-site inspections.

– We can implement the customer’s own ideas when it comes to cleaning up a yard.


Wondering why you should trust The Weed Solution?

– We use only high-quality California state regulated weed control products.

– Our company is fully licensed and insured.

– Our team has a sound practical background and our applicators are fully licensed in weed control service.

– We maintain open and honest communication with our clients through telephone calls and e-mail enabling important information to be passed between both parties.


We know that you as a homeowner have more important things to do than think about the weeds in your garden or your simply don’t have enough time to spend on proper weed clearing. If you still care about your lawn’s health and appearance and you want your immediate surroundings to be green and pleasant all year round, turn to us for the right combination of knowledge, skills, and responsible attitude and you will love the results.

Whenever you need our assistance in San Jose, CA, simply get in touch with us and we will answer all of your questions! We can be contacted at (408) 769-8662 and we will always be happy to be of assistance!




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