What Are the Different Options for Weed Control

Weed Abatement As most gardeners can attest to, it doesn’t always take a green thumb to create a garden that has weeds. As long as we have been growing plants, weeds will occur. These hardy little plants can be quite tenacious, and some crabgrass seeds can live up to 60 years! Which is why we, at The Weed Solution in San Jose, CA, are happy to say,  there are various different kinds of weed control available, ranging from basic to more complex remedies.

These can be grouped into 3 categories, which are chemical, organic and mechanical. Mechanical control means pulling weeds out by the root as they start to grow. However, the drawbacks with this is the weed may not be totally removed, and surrounding plants can be uprooted during this process. Another type involves spacing plants closer together so as to crowd out any unwanted weeds.

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